ORIGINAL Recipe Small Batch

Just the right combination of heat and flavor - this is the original recipe RobañeroTM Small Batch Hot Sauce. We use the the habañero as the major ingredient in this sauce, so that true habañero flavor comes through.

Habañero Flavor

Ensuring that more than half the volume of each bottle is habañero makes their unique flavor shine through

Packs the Heat

Along with that amazing flavor, Robañero hits with a slow and steady heat, hot enough to clear the sinuses and maybe bring a tear to the eye

Great on Everything!  

Perfectly accompanies all your favorite foods. Check our instagram and facebook for great examples from customers 

Quality Ingredients

All natural ingredients, with organic onions, garlic, tomatoes, and agave nectar. No fillers, no xanthan gum!    

Robanero label

Ghost Pepper Small Batch

Robañero's GhostTM Small Batch Hot Sauce brings you the same great flavor as the original Robañero, with the added taste and heat from ghost peppers. Perfect for those who think original recipe is not hot enough. It's got a very hot and long burn!

Great flavor 

Building on the great flavor of original recipe Robañero enhanced by ghost pepper

Extra heat

The combined heat of habañero and ghost pepper will bring a tear to your eye

Long lasting

You'll only want to use small amounts per sitting, so the bottle will be around for a long time

Quality Ingredients

Same all natural ingredients as the original recipe, but with added ghost peppers grown in the USA. No fillers, no xanthan gum!

Robanero's Ghost label

*NEW* Robañero's Scotch Pineapple Small Batch

New variety October 2022! Made using fresh scotch bonnet peppers, fresh pineapple and a perfect blend of supporting ingredients to give you that tropical, sweet, tangy flavor that goes great on just about everything from tacos to your favorite brunch or bbq dish!

Sweet & Tangy

The Scotch Bonnets and roasted pineapple bring a tropical flavor that'll brighten up all your favorite dishes

Nice Spice

It's not just tasty - it also brings that nice slow burn you've come to expect from Robañero sauces

Put it on Everything!

Goes great on everything from fish tacos to your favorite brunch dishes - you will want this on all of it!

Fresh Ingredients

Farm-fresh Sotch Bonnets, fresh and juicy pineapple, sweet sweet onions. No fillers, no xanthan gum!

Robanero label

Get some hot stuff! 


We ship to the continental US only, and we exclusively use USPS Priority Mail service. Because the bottles are heavy, this insures the lowest possible prices, especially if ordering multiple bottles. Usual delivery time is 2-3 days after shipping in the contiguous 48 states if you get your orders in weekdays before 3pm Eastern Time.

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About RobañeroTM

RobañeroTM Hot Sauce was born out of a passion for spicy food, hot peppers, and mouth-scorching hot sauces.       

Here at Robañero, we believe that great hot sauce is not only hot, but it also has to taste amazing.  Because of that, we focus on bringing out the true flavor of the habanero pepper, by making sure it is the majority ingredient in our recipe.  To support that flavor, we choose the right balance of other ingredients to bring about a very savory combination for your tastebuds.  None of that excessive vinegary taste and no xanthan gum. Just quality ingredients and a great slow  burn! Try the all new Robañero's GhostTM Small Batch!

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